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I have found that WordPress is an invaluable tool for web developers, bloggers and graphic designers. Using the back-end of the WYSIWYG is a breeze. There are many versatile tools that make managing and maintaining  the site very easy and efficient. Being able to have full control over a website, even without adept coding knowledge is useful. The back-end of WordPress is very intuitive and designed to be very straightforward, so it doesn’t require a whole lot “messing around” to get things done.

Even though, for the most part, my experience with WordPress has been great, there are a few shortcomings that I think should be addressed. First off, even though it is very easy to use, a new user could get lost among all the options for themes. Even more worrying is the fact that many themes could contain malware, or some sort of unwanted code that would be detrimental to your site, and it’s usability for one’s audience.  That being the major issue, and it only applying to strictly newcomers, I feel that WordPress is a great tool, and it really should be used if it is an option for you.

-Erik Decker

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