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Should I Use WordPress?

Originally posted by Zac Gordon  for Team TreeHouse

The post goes over the basic reasons why one would use WordPress, as well certain scenarios where using WordPress may even be counter-intuitive.

Why Use WordPress?

As Zac mentions, WordPress is great for designers, marketers, and really anyone that would need any kind of website. Since WordPress is open source, its very versatile and has a great community for help and support.  One doesn’t even coding experience to get started with it, and it streamlines the creation and maintenance of the site. It can be used for portfolios, blogs, and even shopping.

Why Not?

In some cases, using WordPress may not be the best option. For instance, WordPress may not be for you if you have a super specific design in mind. While there are many themes to choose from, there is only a limited amount of customization within each theme, and you may be getting exactly what you’re looking for. At this point, it would be better in the long run to build a site from scratch to get  exactly what you had in mind

For others, having a WordPress site is “overkill” and there are far too many options available when the goal of the site may be more simple. If you want a simple portfolio with basic features and navigation, you may want to think about just starting from scratch.


All in all, WordPress is a very versatile tool for web designers, especially those who work very frequently and make many changes and additions to their site over time. A dedicated CMS is a wonderful tool to help take the time and frustration out of web design and maintenance, but it may not be good for everyone.

What do you think about WordPress? 

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